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                                                             Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Alert

A letter has recently been received from the State Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets Animal Health Section and Dr. Kristin Haas, State Veterinarian. (

As you may be aware, a disease called the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) affected a number of farms in the mid-west last year.  At this time there have been no human cases of the HPAI virus and the risk of infection is considered low, however domestic poultry are highly susceptible to HPAI H5 virus and can spread rapidly from bird to bird and typically results in high mortality rates.  The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets is encouraging poultry owners, producers or anyone associated with poultry, regardless of size, to prepare for HPAI.  The disease is most commonly spread by infected waterfowl during migration periods.  The Northeast, including Vermont, is at risk of an outbreak of HPAI this fall of 2015 and/or the spring of 2016.

Poultry owners and producers should be familiar with the disease and how it is spreads and are encouraged to put efforts into preparing for a possible outbreak now.

Poultry owners are being asked by the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Foods and Markets to fill out and return to the Vermont agency of Agriculture, Foods and Markets an audit form which details information that will be required for farms to move poultry, livestock and many related items and appurtenances on and off the property in the event of an HPAI outbreak.  The form can be accessed through the following link and returned to VAAFM via email, mail or fax.

The form is also available at the Chittenden Municipal Offices.  More information and details are also available online which you are very much encouraged to check out.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, you may contact the following:

Emergency Management Director
Jan Sotirakis 

Health Officer
Bernie McGee

Town Clerk
Roberta Janoski
Chittenden Recreation Committee

                           Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Act 148

    Help keep Vermont green and reduce waste with Act 148. The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation and
Solid Waste Management Entities (SWME’s) have been implementing the Universal Recycling Law (Act 148) for the past
four years, already banning recyclables from the landfill as of last year. This law will ultimately remove all organics from
landfills in Vermont, which will result in a drastic reduction of cost and our carbon footprint. The next stage in Act 148 is to
remove organic materials such as yard waste and food waste from the landfills. As a resident, this law means there will be
more opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint by separating compostables from trash.
     By July 1 of this year, all current trash pick-up services must offer separate yard waste collection. While yard waste can
already be dropped off by  residents at the Chittenden transfer station, check with the local trash hauler before leaving yard
waste at the curb.
     By July 1st, 2017, trash haulers and transfer stations will collect food scraps separate from trash as well. As more haulers
and transfer stations accept organic materials, it will be accommodating for you to separate food waste from the trash. The
final step to implement Act 148 is to ban all food scraps from the landfill by July 1st of 2020.
     Main goals of implementing Act 148 include reducing waste overall, other than just preventing it from reaching the landfill.
Residents have reduced their waste in large ways through meal planning and backyard composting. The food that goes bad
in the back of a fridge costs time and money to everyone, but keeping a schedule of what to cook for each day helps reduce
costs. Backyard composting will exempt residents from costs of food scrap collection. There will be a Master Composter
panel at the Rutland Free Library in the Fox room on Tuesday, June 21st from 7-8:30 PM to help with any questions about
backyard composting.
      For more information about Act 148: Universal Recycling law, visit the Department of Environmental Conservation’s web
site at
For resources on composting and transfer station materials accepted, contact the Solid Waste Alliance Communities
management: visit, or call (802) 342-5701.

Cemetery Lot Info
Universal Recycling Update
Proposal for Sale of Lands to the Green Mountain National Forest
** March 7, 2017 Election Results **

                  Chittenden Warning of Special Town Meeting

The legal voters of the Town of Chittenden are hereby warned to meet at the Chittenden Municipal Office located at 260 Chittenden Road on Thursday May 11, 2017 from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, to vote by Australian ballot on the following matter:

“Shall the voters of the Town of Chittenden vote to approve the acquisition of 2,052+/- acres on Wildcat Road from private willing sellers by the United States of America to become part of the Green Mountain National Forest to conserve water quality, wildlife habitat, trails, and public access?”

On May 3rd, 2017 at 7:00 PM there will be an informational meeting regarding this vote which will be held at the Barstow School Community Room located at 223 Chittenden Road.

Select Board members:

                           Special Select Board Meeting
                                         April 21, 2017
                                              6:00 PM

The Select Board will be meeting at the Chittenden Municipal Office located at 260 Chittenden Road to discuss personnel issues and mowing contract.

1. Call meeting to order.
2. Pledge of allegiance.
3. Go into executive session to discuss personnel issues and mowing contract.
4. Come out of executive session and recess meeting until regularly scheduled Select Board meeting on April 24, 2017.

                                      Chittenden Board of Selectmen
                                               Scheduled Meeting
                                                   April 24, 2016
                                                         6:15 PM

Pledge of Allegiance

I. Approval of Minutes

II. Audience Comments

III. Town Officer Reports-Town Clerk
                                           Road Commissioner
                                           Health Officer
                                           Planning Commission
                                           Emergency Management

IV. New Business- Discuss Mowing of Town properties
                               Highway department personnel
V. Old Business- Monumentation on Green Road
                             Baird monument
                             Girl Scouts request regarding composting
                             July 1st requirement for composting at Transfer Station
                             Request by school to use Town bulk mail permit

VI. Correspondence-Letter of Recommendation

VII. Approval of Work Orders

VIII. Adjournment