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General Election-2018 Results

The Town of Chittenden has determined the weight limit for Bridge/Culvert #22 on Wildcat Road (Town Highway 23) to be 24,000 pounds until further notice.  This means that overweight permits will no longer apply to this bridge, and thus passage of more than 24,000 pounds over this bridge will not be allowed.  Please be advised that Wildcat Road has no outlet, so this may limit your use of this road.

Please contact the Chittenden Town Office should you have any concerns or questions.
PO Box 89
260 Chittenden Rd.
Chittenden, VT  05737
Fax:  (802)483-2504
Welcome to the Town of Chittenden, chartered in 1780, the town was named for Vermont's first Governor, Thomas Chittenden.